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  Wedding Decorations

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At ELD-everylastdetail we follow at 3-step approach to bring a concept into reality...


After taking the inputs from our clients, our team looks into each aspect that they would like and we try to incorporate the same to visually appeal the eyes. Starting with sketches and graphic presentations of the concepts, we work on mood-boards etc.Taking the consent of our clients at the conceptualization stage, our team gets into the designing & production.


Designing & Production:

Once the details are sketched out and all the elements are decided upon in theory, here comes the part of bringing the visuals into production. wherein we look into the fabrication material, the detailing of the florals, the colors, the patterns to ensure the outcome as required by our clients as well as our team 


The final event flies in a matter of 3 to 5 hours 

wherein we need to flawlessly execute months of planning and hard work of the entire team that goes into making the Wedding successful.


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