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Destination Weddings

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Chill Beach Afternoon Sundowner
Beautiful Wedding Mandap
Monsoon wedding ‘Renewal of Vows’
Cocktail Night on The Beach in a Mar
Teel Haldi Bride-Groom Morning Ritua
Bride Entry on a Boat in the Lagoon

Weddings are turning into an intimate affair where the list of guests you would like to share that special day with, is narrowing down to the near & dear ones whom you would like to Host and Celebrate this New Beginning with.

Unlike earlier when the list of relatives and friends was so long....from inviting your mothers brothers wife's best friend to the Uncle whose name you had heard only 5 years back on your sisters wedding invitation list.

DESTINATION Weddings are a lot of fun as the families get to interact and spend some quality time together away from their usual routines and lifestyles.

Having said that sure is a roller coaster ride to Plan one , keeping everyone's sentiments taken care of , as there are all age groups as well as varied expectations.

At ELD-eveylastdetail we help you plan that 'BIG DAY' starting with all the Buzzzz that we create around the wedding....its like a product launch for a Brand and why not its only a brand we are creating Mr. & Mrs. X ....while we ensure everything from the pre-wedding planning to the smooth flow of events during the wedding week with ''Constant Gratification'' being our motto during a DESTINATION Wedding. Making it the Most Memorable wedding of the Year. 


Food & Beverage 

Hospitality forms the most essential part of a wedding. As in Indian culture the hospitality to a guest is Imminent even in our scriptures ''Attithi Devo Bhawah'' i.e. Guest is equated to a God. 

Thereby choosing the right team for hosting the guests is imperative to the success of the Wedding Celebrations. We put in alot of effort into understanding the hotel chains that we are associated with to host the wedding as their team plays a crucial part.

 Food & Beverages to match the Indian taste palette as there are all sets of guests with individual dietary requirements. We ensure the same is communicated to the F&B team well in advance & arrangements for the same are made. 

Even where required teams of Indian Chefs are flown to ensure the food is as per Indian tastes 

f&b ELD.jpg

Vendor Management


ELD-team assists with all the sourcing, facilitating, negotiating, and handling of various vendors that are required to be outsourced: florals, decor, stage set-up, furniture, lighting , audio, sound, entertainment, artists etc. While keeping a smooth alignment & flow between all concerned to make the Wedding an experience for the friends & family 


The Flow of events is a critical part of a wedding celebration and we have our on-site staff ensuring that everything is executed perfectly without a hitch. 


Transport & Logistics

ELD-team manages the arrivals of guests with a dedicated team facilitating ticketing, immigration, visas , luggage tagging , movement of luggage from arrivals to departures. 

Local transfers of guests to hotels & various venues of the wedding functions 

Special care is taken of senior guests as well as infants and certain family members who need any special assistance.

As well as movement of various vendors that are arriving for the wedding functions, their business visas , stay etc.

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Wedding Stationery 

Websites & Apps

This is an essential part of a Destination Wedding, as Wedding Stationery, Apps etc form a mode of communication to all the guest. 

We design apps so the guests are at any time in touch with the itinerary & know about where the events are taking place Creating a pre wedding buzz with websites where-in all the information is updated. Along with a insta hashtag where one in connected with live streaming of events taking place for the world to know

   '#Mr.&MrsX are getting Hitched''

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