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birth & anniversary

Our Birthdays & Anniversaries

are Special ....

They come once a Year but we wait for 

them every year. and the landmark years 

40th , 50th , 60th Birthday Celebrations

are the Big Ones  

25th & 50th anniversaries are Special 

And are to be celebrated with our loved 

one In-STYLE.

so lets pack our bags & leave for a 3 day vacation in Maldives for that BIG -One.

or For a Cruise Family Holiday for Granddads 60th 

Just Block your Calenders & Leave the Planning  to Us at ELD....

THEME Parties &

                          KIDS birthdays 

Kids form the most integral part of our 

daily lives...Imagining life without them 


That S.M.I.L.E. of theirs is the biggest

De-stressing Factor 

And we at ELD love to Bring that SMILE 

on these wonder angels faces 

Organizing Theme Parties for the little ones : 

Super Hero , Camp Site , Splash Pool 

Little Ms. Sunshine , Flamingo 

with fun filled activities to engage the little ones 

As well as festive theme events: Diwali 

Holi, Christmas , New Years etc just to name a few .


At ELD-eveylastdetail we help you plan that 'BIG DAY' starting with all the Buzzzz that we create around the wedding....its like a product launch for a Brand and why not its only a brand we are creating Mr. & Mrs. X ....while we ensure everything from the

pre-wedding planning to the smooth flow of events during the wedding week with ''Constant Gratification'' being our motto during a DESTINATION Wedding. Making  it the most memorable wedding of the Year. 

      WEDDING & 

                           Social Decoration

The beauty of each wedding is how it is 

conceptualized, as each one of us is an Unique individual with our own lifestyle choices. At ELD-everylastdetail we try our best to understand our clients psychology and tastes.

While projecting the same in their choice of wedding decoration & flow-of-events that they select in order to give them the 

experience they desire.

At ELD-everylastdetail we follow at 3-step approach to bring a concept into reality...

WEDDING Planning

At ELD-everylastdetail our team assists with all the sourcing, facilitating, negotiating, and handling of various vendors that are required to be outsourced: florals, decor, stage set-up, furniture, lighting , audio, sound, entertainment, artists etc. While keeping a smooth alignment & flow between all concerned to make the Wedding an experience for the friends & family 


The Flow of events is a critical part of a wedding celebration and we have our on-site staff ensuring that everything is executed perfectly without a hitch. 

Corporate Luxury

                      GALA Dinners 

Luxury Gala Dinner parties for Corporate 

and High End Brands 

As we at ELD conceptualize & design as per the Brand guidelines order to design such an event our Team gets into the skin of the brand in order to showcase the same 


Each Decor element forms a communication point for the guests to interact with as well as we create photo -points for the guests to 

upload pics ..thereby connecting it with the social media platform 

And taking the Story Further one STEP...


Each Event forms a unique memory in the Guests mind while taking back with them 

some of the fun & crazy moments of 

the time spent with the loved ones 

At ELD- Everylastdetail we believe entertainment forms one of the eminent part of any Event that takes place. As fun 

and interactive entertainment completes the

event ....making it a complete 360 memory 

We like to formulate the entertainment to be

a wholistic experience spread across the 

event venue space 

Digital Invites, Website &Apps

With the Global digitization & fast pace 

moment of Today's Life ...

With a world of whatsapp , social media , internet ....we need to reach out to our guests in more fun ways & whats best is to Send them a Digi-Invite instead of the bulky paper invitations 

A Website with the details of the flow of events to keep everyone on the same page ....while uploading Realtime data 

Apps make for the fun of it add the added extra Edge to the event 

             '' Have UR very own App ''

U think of it & ELD will execute it for you 

Return Party Favors & 


When Men leave a party with a Big-Smile 

they have had Alot to Drink .... and are feeling Great about themselves 


But when Women leave a Party with a Smile  they have something to take back home 

Its in a woman's DNA to Be happy as their 

Oxycontin get released once they get a 

Surprise Gift ...weither Big or Small 


At ELD -everylastdetail we ensure that everyone leaves with a Smile with alot of giveaways to take back home 


Fun Return Favors makes for a Great Event !!! 

ELD-everylastdetail Team looks into the finer details that are required for a smooth wedding.

As weddings are about people & emotions are an integral part of being human. We provide them with a Great experience that fulfils all their sense organs :

Sight , Touch , Sound, Taste as well as Smell

The Small Details

the small detail ELD-everylastdetail.jpg
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